Thump Features Dotorado Pro

Thump recently featured Dotorado Pro, “the 16-year old producer igniting Lisbon’s underground” whose afro-house music has been making a huge impact on the DJ scene. Having been raised in the small town of Setubal just south of Lisbon, Dotorado Pro’s childhood boredom propelled him to create dance music. His track “African Scream” currently has over […]

Razia Said Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

NPR’s All Things Considered reviewed Razia Said’s latest album Akory with an audio recording that includes NPR’s interpretation of Razia’s story and album, accompanied by  sound bites from Akory. Growing up in Madagascar deeply affected Razia’s music, as did her transition to living in New York City. Akory, which translates to “What’s Next,” explores the […]

Remezcla Features Branko’s New Track “Eventually”

Remezcla featured Branko’s latest track titled “Eventually,” (Out now via iTunes) saying “the club-ready cut showcases the matured approach to tropical sounds in the modern era.” The track features the impressive vocals of Danish singer Alex Rita accompanied by a “classic underground vibe.” The track will be available on Branko’s upcoming debut album, Atlas, being […]