Superfónicos Announces Their New Single 

“La Semilla” 

Due Out June 7th with Spaceflight Records.


 Their Debut Album ‘Renaceré’ Is Due Out On July 19th


Austin, TX – Superfónicos, the Austin, Texas based ensemble renowned for their Colombian Funk, Cumbia and Afro-beat rhythms, announces their newest single “La Semilla” (The Seed).  The new song takes the listener into a deep guitar and percussion groove, setting the tone for their debut album roll-out! The new single officially announces their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Renaceré’. Slated for release on July 19, 2024, via Spaceflight Records, ‘Renaceré’ is a profound musical journey that delves into themes of rebirth, resilience, and the cyclical nature of life, through a lens of their Colombian Roots fusion, a unique sonic blend that owes as much to Africa and the Americas as it does to their native Colombian heritage. 

Nicolás Sanchez Castro (Bass, Backing Vocals) comments, “‘La Semilla,’ The Seed, is the perfect metaphor for rebirth. It is the message passed down by the ancestors and if we forget to sow and water it, we will never get to harvest the wisdom that has been entrusted to us.” “La Semilla” is due out June 7th with Spaceflight Records and will be available everywhere you stream music, pre-save here.

With the new album, ‘Renaceré’ (I will be reborn), Superfónicos has captured the essence of their experiences over the last four years. Recorded during a period marked by global upheaval and personal growth, the album embodies a powerful message of renewal.  Jaime Ospina (Lead Vocals, Gaita) explains, “This record is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and life. We all went through hard times in the last 4 years but here we are; breathing, singing, dancing and what not.” Nicolás adds, “The cycle of life and the concept of rebirth play heavily into the theme of the record. Many ups and downs happened during this period, for the band and society as a whole, but ultimately we came out of the process stronger, like a blade forged in the flames.”

Superfónicos first announced their debut album with the song “El Adios” in the wake of COVID-19. It was co-produced with Jim Eno (Spoon) at the end of 2019 and released mid-2020, and although it has been 4 years since, the themes are very present today. Nicolás explains, “The title came from an email exchange with my father. I wrote the song to address the topic of immigration, inspired by the so-called ‘Migrant Caravan’ from Central America to the US that started in early 2017. I asked my father, being an immigrant, to try and elaborate on the subject and his motivation for leaving Colombia in the early 80’s. A few days later I received an email titled ‘El Adios.’ I thought the title perfectly reflected the pain that still lingers for him, almost 40 years after the fact.”

As the pandemic re-shaped the world, so did it re-shape the band who welcomed four babies into their lives.  “Children can really help you view the world through a more primordial lens. You have to go straight to the source, that loving spirit that guides us and can get obscured by modern society,” remarks Sanchez Castro. These new beginnings were celebrated with the release of  “Primera Luz” (First Light). A song that can relate to everyone who’s come out of a challenging situation with a new positive perspective. 

Inspired by the birth of Nicolás’ daughter, Lucia, Nicolás adds, “My baby daughter was born on New Year’s Day 2021. The pandemic was raging and life was still very much in disarray, but her birth brought a radiant light to my family at a much needed time. She reminded me of my purpose, my mission, so I wrote Primera Luz as a message of inspiration, to anyone whose path may seem obscured by the clouds in their mind.”  The track was recorded in the Summer of 2022 at Lechehouse, the studio run by GRAMMY Award winning guitarist, producer and engineer Beto Martinez, a long-time collaborator with the band.

The album’s recording process spanned several years, beginning just before the COVID-19 lockdowns and concluding in early 2024. Superfónicos worked primarily at Lechehouse Music with Martinez. They note, “We have been working with Beto for years now at this point and really feel like he fully understands the nuance of the recording of unique instruments like the Gaita flute and Tambor Alegre, which are a big part of the Superfónicos sound. He has helped us retain the elements at the core of our sound while also exploring new boundaries and inspirations”. Additional recording took place at Public Hi-Fi with Jim Eno of Spoon and at Electric Deluxe with Aaron Glemboski. 

Superfónicos has created an album that is truly a celebration of influences from the Caribbean to Africa and back. Deeply rooted in Colombian musical traditions, they worked with Martinez to capture the sounds and textures from the Caribbean Coastal region of Colombia with the Gaita flute and the Tambor Alegre. Additionally, the band comments, “We also use the Bombardino (Euphonium) on many tunes. It is commonly used in Colombian Cumbia arrangements but is not as common stateside.”

On ‘Renaceré’ the band explores new territory, while also leaning deeper into its Colombian roots. It takes a sonic journey from the Latin soul of “Bogota Boogaloo”, a love letter to the beautiful and complicated city of Bogota, Colombia. To the psychedelic cumbia of “La Verdad” a fable about a juglar (a troubadour or traveling musician) searching for his lost love and losing his mind, suggesting that those deemed “crazy” often hold the truth. To Jamaican Dub meets Colombian Porro on the track “Lunetta” — an ode to a nickname given to Nicolas’ wife in Italy.  And with the Colombian Afro-Beat flavor of the title track “Renaceré” , a scorching anthem celebrating perseverance and the cyclical nature of life. Superfonics comments, “If we let love guide us, we will never die but rather be constantly reborn, and become part of the cycle, much like a tree that bears fruit, carrying the seed for the next generation. Rebirth… RE-NA-CE-RÉ!”

Ospina points out, “To see how the grass dies during the summer because of the heat and then grows again with the spring rain. It’s been fascinating to me; to be a witness of how death is never definitive and there’s always life after. We are always as living beings in a constant process of dying and rebirthing; life just like music goes always in cycles, in loops.” Superfónicos adds, “For us, the songs are like seeds that we sow. Our hope is that they germinate inside our listeners, grow and take on a new life and continue the cycle.” 

‘Renaceré’ is not just an album; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Superfónicos and their journey through adversity to a place of renewed strength and creativity.

To celebrate the album’s release, Superfónicos will be performing at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas for their record release party on July 20th. The event promises an unforgettable night of music and community, marking the culmination of a long and transformative journey for the band.

Renaceré Tour 2024:

6/13   Kansas City, MO – The Ship

6/14   Salina, KS – Smoky Hill River Fest

6/15   Salina, KS – Smoky Hill River Fest

6/21   Hutto, TX – The Co-op District 

7/12   Houston, TX – Axelrad

7/19   Austin, TX – Waterloo records

**7/20 Austin, TX – Continental Club**


Superfónicos are:

Jaime Ospina – Lead Vocals, Gaita, Percussion

Nicolas Sanchez Castro – Bass, Melodica, Vibes, Backing Vocals

Nick Tozzo – Congas, Tambor Alegre, Timbales, Percussion

Daniel Sanchez – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Chris “Zumbi” Richards – Trombone, Bombardino

Evan Marley Hegarty – Keyboards

Erick Bohorquez – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Andres Villegas – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mauro Lopez – Guitar on “La Semilla”


About Superfónicos:

Superfónicos has been stirring up the Colombian Funk, Cumbia and Afro-beat since late 2016. Though based in Austin, Texas, most of the members have deep roots in Colombia. Their music not only highlights the country’s Caribbean coastal sounds, but also the celebration of the human spirit,  stories of the displaced, folkloric tales from the countryside, and the reminder to let go and embrace an experience that is more connected to the earth and our ancestors.

Superfónicos has performed at ACL festival in 2018 and again in 2021. Shared the stage with bands like Ozomatli, Aterciopelados, Jungle Fire, Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Meridian Brothers, Sudan Archives, and Allah-las.

Studio work includes 2018’s “Suelta”, recorded with Black Pumas’ founder Adrian Quesada, 2019’s “Cumbealo” recorded with Spoon’s Jim Eno, and most recently, “Renaceré”, (new LP, due July ’24) recorded with Grammy winning guitarist and producer Beto Martinez from Grupo Fantasma/Caramelo Haze/Money Chicha. 

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