Check Out Austinite Gina Chavez’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert!

Check Out Austinite Gina Chavez’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert!

By: Colin Rinehart

Watch here!

Gina Chavez added another formidable accomplishment to her resume yesterday via her Tiny Desk concert with NPR which aired here: She performed three songs off of her sophomore album Up.Rooted:Fire Water,” “Miles de Millas,” and “Siete-D.” Chavez considers the Tiny Desk concert to be among her top three experiences since the release of Up.Rooted. The other two being nearly selling out her benefit concert at the Stateside Theatre in Austin, and her 8 month mission trip to El Salvador where she toured, filmed the video for “Siete-D” and reconnected with and taught her Salvadorian sisters. Chavez works with Niñas Arribas College Fund to help young women from gang-dominated El Salvador attend college.

Chavez enjoyed the Tiny Desk concert so much that she has decided to dedicate a fall tour to the experience, titled the “Tiny Desk Concert Tour.” Chavez normally performs as  a solo act, but she intends to bring out a full four-piece band for the dates on this tour and will share the stage with local acts in each city. “We’re excited to expand our reach on the east and west coasts with shows in Boston and Providence, and Los Angeles and Berkeley. Closer to home, we’ll head to Goldthwaite, El Paso, and Tucson. And in the big middle, we’re excited to debut the band in Kansas City and Little Rock,” Chavez said. 

See the full list of Tiny Desk Concert Tour dates here:

Chavez’s touring plans for 2015 don’t end in the U.S. She’s teamed up with Project ATX 6 to represent the city of Austin in Angers, France as well as Nova Scotia and Canada. She will also perform her first show in Saudi Arabia and collaborate with local artists thanks to the U.S. State Department’s American Music Abroad program. In 2016 she’ll perform in five countries in Latin America as part of the same project.

Go Gina go!!