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Zairah (Photographed by Serena Chen)_1

Zairah & Producer King Doudou Bring an Alpha Female Erotic Futuristc Vibes on New Single “Guaya”


The LA based Madrina de Pari Rap is back with her newest single “Guaya.” Teaming up with celebrated and Latin Grammy winning producer King Doudou, they bring extra heat to this summer’s down and dirty dance-floor-ready hit. 

“Guaya” is an erotic, futuristic take on the Reggaeton genre with Zairah’s alpha female vibes toplining Latin Grammy award-winner King Doudou’s masterful production. The hyper sexual song is cued from the name, “Guaya” similar to “perreo” means to grind slowwwwly. The track explodes with feminine sexuality over a promiscuous and grimey beat from the producer of J. Balvin’s “Negro” (“Colores” album) as Zairah’s lyrical prowess effortlessly dominates the Spanglish record with crackling carnal energy. The new song is out Late July on The Orchard. 

“Guaya” is the second time Zairah and King Doudou have collaborated and follows the release of “Cavernicola.” Zairah reflects, “Me and King Doudou have really similar styles when it comes to our global taste in the music we like and make, so we just clicked. We really wanted to get nasty with this one, perreo-on-the-floor nasty. ‘Guaya’ is raunchy, grimey, and a complete new take on the Reggaeton genre, crackling with sexual energy. We knew it was a hit.” King Doudou adds, “Our styles are really complimentary, Zairah’s flow fits perfectly on my reggaeton beats and we both like to make music for the clubs, with ‘Guaya’ we stepped up a notch from our previous collaboration, offering a really catchy song.”

Made for the dance floor, Zairah comments, “I love it when someone knows how to put in that work en la pista! Like you know when a guy pulls up behind you with some good moves and your bodies intertwine on the dancefloor, you’re both sweating and following each other’s rhythm? That’s what ‘Guaya’ is about. It’s me verbalizing what’s on our minds in that moment in the club or at a day party. We all feel that animal instinct with someone when they know how to move. It’s like you need what they can do for your body like no one else can. It makes you want to do anything for it haha. It’s cool to be a woman and be like ‘this is what I’m here for then I gotta get back to business’. I’m in a stage of my life where if I’m feeling you like that, I’m gonna let you know and that’s to be respected in a world that has it out for women expressing our sexuality.”

The new single drops with an accompanying music video directed by Masahico Torres. Zairah comments, “One of the main themes of the video was body positivity. It took a negative experience with the editing process for me to realize that. One of my favorite scenes was the one where the camera is doing a 360° turn and I had asked the original editor to include it, but he had cut it out. And when I asked him about it, he said “your booty didn’t look good so I didn’t use it”. I can’t tell you how many times I rewatched that scene and felt so sexy but so angry. I love my naturally stretch-marked, cellulited body, a major contrast to the glossed-over photoshop perfection we’re used to seeing in Reggaeton music videos and on social media nowadays. I don’t want to fix a thing. I never want to work with someone who talks women down like that either so I decided to take on the editing myself and this became the first music video I’ve ever edited. And I made sure to drop that scene in there.”

She continues, “After a last minute no-show, one of our friends, Chris, stepped up and showed OUT too so he really became the star of the music video. I thought he was gonna look at me crazy when I asked him to have the girls rub his body up with oil but he killed his performance. We didn’t even have to direct him on dancing, he was just feeling himself and shined in his moment. His dance moves were the perfect representation of ‘Guaya’. It’s big boy szn baby. Big guys are sexy and it’s their time to shine.”

The new single came together during COVID-19 and the collaborators worked remotely from their respective studios in LA and Lyon, France. With live shows on pause during this time, both of the artists enjoyed the time to focus on their music and also things that matter the most to them. 

Reflecting back on the process Zairah comments, “I’m excited to watch the collaborations come alive in the club.” And King Doudou adds, “Que viva el perrrrrreo!”



About Zairah

Based out of Los Angeles, Zairah is a world class act who is pioneering the Urban Latin sound on a global scale with records already released through The Orchard. Dubbed “La Madrina of Pari Rap” (The Godmother of Party Rap), she has received global support and recognition from the likes of Univision, Red Bull, Mitu, Remezcla, Miami’s Power 96, Australia’s KISS FM, The Breakfast Club, The Source, Spain’s Fleek Magazine, Dim Mak records, and has had her music premiered by Diplo on Major Lazer’s live stream. Zairah’s music has also been featured on Starz and Amazon Prime as well as stages like those of EDC, Insomniac Middlelands Fest, Red Bull EEUU de Bass, and most recently at Glastonbury Festival’s Lost Horizon VR stage in England. Aside from the creation of musical content, Zairah has also branched out and worked with Hornitos Tequila as the face of their “A Shot Worth Taking” campaign, garnering over 2 million views on YouTube. Stepping up to help young people in the Latin community to get in the mindset to vote, Zairah also collaborated with the Wieden + Kennedy ad agency alongside Ugly Primo to create a song for a political campaign. Building up momentum around the world, Zairah is a Latin powerhouse with a globally-promising future.

About King DouDou

A fan of Rap and Reggae Music, French Dj & Producer Hugo Douster has always looked for the mutations those styles gave birth to, mixing themselves with traditional rhythms all around the world .

With the King Doudou project he looks for the common tie between Latino-American Dembow, Ivorian Coupé Décalé , Trap Music or Baile Funk. His dj sets takes us from one continent to another, looking for groundbreaking new styles of music emerging from the modern world. He has played everywhere around the world from big festivals like Dour or Sonar to small south american and asian clubs, his 2 Boiler Room appearances showcase the frenzy that is a King Doudou set.

Whether he’s composing an emotional rap beat for platinum selling French band PNL, a fresh dancehall riddim for Catalan Dancehall queen Bad Gyal, or a dirty perreo banger for reggaeton superstar J Balvin, King Doudou ties link between the mainstream and the underground, europe and america, the old school and the avant-garde.

After a productive 2020, releasing his first compilation Worldwide Delivery and winning a Latin Grammy for his work on J Balvin’s Colores Album, Doudou is set to expand his sound even further in 2021.