Sotomayor Releases New Album
Orígenes Today with Wonderwheel Recordings!

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(New York, NY) — The Mexican brother-sister duo Sotomayor is back with their third album Orígenes, out today and available everywhere you stream music (Listen here: On Orígenes, Sotomayor performs Latinx electronic music that is as bold, thrilling and alive as any street party, with a strong sense of roots or tradition. Yet it is also music that is defined by the duo’s qualities as songwriters, with a clear knack for melody and dynamics that add a sense of rock ‘n’ roll urgency.

Recorded between Mexico and Puerto Rico, the duo were aided by Orígenes co-producer, and 28 time Latin Grammy Winner, Eduardo Cabra (“Visitante” of the much-missed Puerto Rican rebel rousers Calle 13). Most notably, Eduardo Cabra helped push Latin singer/songwriters like Jorge Drexler, iLe and Vincent Garcia into making ground-breaking fusions of Latin tradition and modern musical forms; and won two Latin Grammy Producer of the Year awards in the process. The trick appears to have been rung once more. Sotomayor continues to create their own unique musical universe, fueled by the sounds of Latin America’s clubs and streets, with a level of songcraft and production know-how that only seems to keep on growing.

The new album is 10 tracks deep and sees Sotomayor exploring a new Afro Caribbean vision in the music, much more dance floor focused, and highly influenced by percussion. Fan and critic favorite, Orígenes, has received accolades from FADER and The New York Times. Standouts include “Menéate pa’ mí,” a heater that finds Paulina Sotomayor’s vocals somewhere in between rapping and singing over brother Raul’s uptempo beat of horn samples and a driving kick drum. On “Sin Control” Sotomayor dives into a club track carefully blended with Latin vibes in the style of artists like Sango (Soulection), or Branko (Enchufada) and dances between soft dreamy synths, and heavy percussive drums.

The lead single “Quema” lets you know what it is straight-away: the “chuck-chucka-chuck” rhythm of the scraper (guira), the rising bass line, the keyboard that appears to be sending out an alarm signal. This is clearly cumbia, but it isn’t recognizable for long. The cherry on top is the guest appearance of Totin “Arará” Agosto, one of Puerto Rico’s most loved singers and composers, and a man pivotal in putting Puerto Rican bomba back on the map. He adds joyful second vocals, seemingly losing himself in the music. His presence is a reminder that the musica callejera (street music) does not have to be so different to club music. This is music to dance to, to revel, to telegraph delight.

The electronic music project, Sotomayor, is mastermind by siblings Raul (music production) and Paulina (vocals). It is a dance music project that fuses rhythms like cumbia, afrobeat, dancehall, Peruvian “chicha” and merengue with cutting edge beats. They formed in 2015 after years of activity in Mexico City’s emerging indie scene, playing in bands such as Jefes del Desierto and Beat Buffet. Orígenes is their third album following Salvaje (2015) and Conquistador (2017). Orígenes is out now available everywhere you stream music. Listen here:

“Sotomayor’s bold take on Latinx electronic music mixes up innovations in the genre with traditional cumbia rhythms, creating something familiar yet refreshing.” – Fader

“n “Quema,” Sotomayor — the duo of Mexican siblings Raul and Paulina Sotomayor — gestures briefly toward traditional percussion, then rolls in 1980s-flavored synthesizers, with a drum machine, a fuzzy bass line and bubbly arpeggios.” – New York Times

” Origenes due out early 2020, will be co-produced by two time Latin Grammy Producer of the Year winner, Eduardo Cabra (aka Visitante of the Puerto Rican giant, Calle 13). That alone places this release into the upper echelon of the Latin music stratosphere. And, quite merited, from what is heard on their first single.” – KCRW


  1. “Nunca Es Tarde”
  2. “Lo Que Tue Quieras De Mi”
  3. “Tu Cuerpo Y El Mio”
  4. “Sin Control”
  5. “Quema”
  6. “Despierta”
  7. “Esta Vez”
  8. “Menéate Pa’ Mí”
  9. “Latin History Month”
  10. “Ella”

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