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Kaleema Releases Her Sophomore album Útera
on Wonderwheel Recordings

Útera is the exceptional and hypnotic sophomore studio album from producer and Buenos Aires native Kaleema. The new album is out today on Wonderwheel Recordings and available everywhere you stream music. Save the new album here:

Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowski – a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and singer from Buenos Aires who’s planted herself deeply in the potent Latin American electronic scene. Known for her feminine touch in an ocean of masculine soundscapes, the new album not only comes out during International Women’s Month but it celebrates womanhood and reflection. Kaleema bewitching production chops, pitch perfect vocals, masterful arrangements and compositions have catapulted her into the hearts of tastemakers and fans a like on the new album.

Útera is a product of Kaleema’s creative space, a hightech sanctuary wherein she has refined not only her sophisticated electronic production but also her characteristic and beguiling voice. Within this space she arranged, composed, performed, sang, and produced the new album Útera in its entirety all herself. She flirts between disparate styles, weaving together elements such as dub with Andean flutes, or classic string melodies with ambient overtures that allow the listener to float freely in a sea of emotions. A departure from the gritty urban compositions and tribal vibes of her first album Nómada, this record reveals Kaleema’s emotional evolution. Útera is ultimately an album that taps into Heidi’s deep sense of connection to the natural world, and how her growth as an individual reflects the growth around her.

The 10 track deep album moves from forceful techno-like rhythms (such as on “Rama Negra” or “Utera”) that take us through deep dark jungles, into demure yet rapturous passages on tracks like “Portales” and “Invoco.” On “Ololiuqui,” Kaleema’s voice, mellifluous and unique, is the centerpiece of the song, floating above dreamy xylophones that are complimented by transcendent string arrangements. It is the Nahuatl name for Morning Glory and the sonic equivalent of a midnight springtime walk by a river. Inspired by nature and its mysteries, the song evokes images of ever flowing crystal rivers, representing to the artist a “luminous womb that encompasses all of creation.”

With “Circulo de Arena” Kaleema reflects, “This is a song that I composed during a long and intense process of physical and spiritual healing that I went through, which meant a rebirth, a new beginning for me. The album reflects that journey through which I went through, with its difficulties and learnings that transformed me as a person, and especially as a woman.” She continues, “I deeply understood that vulnerability is not a weakness, but a force, a motor for life & fire to the soul.”

She released her debut album Nomada in 2017, receiving an array of critical acclaim for how she seamlessly and hypnotically weaves together contemporary electronic elements and tradition Latin American instrumentals. Since the release of the album, she’s been catapulted onto renowned stages such as MUTEK Montreal, Lollapalooza Chile among others and has collaborated with artists such as Chancha Via Circuito, Mateo Kingman, Lido Pimienta, and many more.

Útera is Kaleema’s second studio album and will be released via Wonderwheel Recordings in the Spring of 2021.

Save Útera:
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2POhCCu
Apple Music: http://apple.co/3vdtVZz
Amazon Music: https://amzn.to/38yI7SY
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/38zcGrF
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/3co33gO

“Buenos Aires artist Kaleema (aka Heidi Lewandowski) is a rising musician in the thriving Latin American electronic/art pop scene…You can definitely hear the aquatic sound coming through in this song, which is fueled by xylophones that sound like water droplets, skittering electronics, and lush string arrangements. It’s a very cool song, and it comes with a Jesica López-directed video that you can check out below.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Inspired by hip-hop, downtempo and Latin American folklore, Kaleema relies on a dreamlike bell arrangement, swooning Andean flute melodies, and her own voice to set the mood. Lyrically, she conjures a sort of hope that we’re desperately in need of right now, singing about an outpour of love, not only between people, but also with our environment.” – Remezcla

“This is a lovely record in keeping with the song’s theme of love, portales being the portals revealed by proximity to ones beloved. ” – Sounds and Colours


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