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Bay Area Based St. Tropez Releases New EP Older Self


(Oakland, CA) – The Oakland, CA based indie-rock quartet St. Tropez has returned with a new EP Older Self. It is rooted in common experiences and time. Older Self is an ode to the bandmate’s dedication to stick together through changes, hardships and the personal evolution that they have experienced throughout the years. It is a stunning time capsule that tracks the band from the early days to today. Older Self is out now and available everywhere you stream music. Save and download here:

St. Tropez first came together in 2007 and quickly found commonality and synergy in music. Making music and performing has always been at the center of the band’s focus, even when their lives evolved through marriages and children. They continued to find time to create and compose beautiful, meaningful music that they care about deeply. Through a shared love of 60’s folk, old school dub and Afrobeat, St. Tropez developed a unique sound of nostalgic indie pop layered over intriguing rhythmic foundations, bathed in electronics and resulting in an often dense and melodious atmosphere. Much like their home base of Oakland, St. Tropez’s music reflects an almost contradictory diversity, producing equal parts tension and transcendence–folk with thick electronic beats, rock with dubby echoes, indie pop with drums that sound like they’ve been teleported from 1970’s Lagos.

St. Tropez is comprised of Jeremy Fisch (Drums), Aki Ehara (Bass and Producer), Lalin St. Juste (Vocals and Sounds), Sanjay Vora (Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Words). Both Lalin St. Juste and Aki Ehara are in the Bay Area band, The Seshen. Sanjay Vora also has his own solo project budding named Full Indian.

The new EP is a continuation of the music they have made since their self-titled debut album (2014). As they grew and changed, they returned to their music and never gave up. The band reflects, “We’re inspired by our parents and partners, our children, and also the bands out there that have stuck through it thick and thin.” The name of the new EP is a reflection of that and can take on many interpretations, they recall:

”The name, Older Self is quite open to interpretation.  Is it the older self we dream of being when we are kids? The freedom to do or become the dreams we dream, to do whatever we want? Or is it realizing that we are now the older self and we only dream we could be younger again, further from death and closer to the beginning of our lives when things were simpler.  The songs of Older Self incorporate everything about our lives–love, loss, nostalgia, melancholy, joy while asking deeper questions about the meaning of life and what lies after.”

Older Self is a journey started in 2014 with the song “Cold Heart.” It was tracked in San Francisco with Jason Quever (Papercuts) on analog tape. For St. Tropez, “This song is an epic spiritual journey of a song, bringing elements of the 70’s and soul ballad melodic phrasing in the bridges, and Grizzly Bear-like rocking middles.“  The lead single “The Sound of the Sea” released just this past month is the most pop-rock tune on the EP, and recalls a nostalgic melody against a danceable beat.

On “Inside Out”,  Sanjay’s North Indian musical background plays into the composition, feel, and rhythmic syncopation. The rhythmically experiential and cyclical beat in odd-time is something St. Tropez often explores–something they love about a band like Radiohead. “Shame” is a Bossanova influenced song that is set against a 6/8 beat – so much so the band referred to the song as “Bossa in 6.” Reflecting back on the production of the song St. Tropez, “we went for a cross between 70’s HiFi and Nigel Godrich’s production style with Radiohead.”

Their process throughout the EP has been sporadic and at times life took the driver’s seat. Often there would be a 3 year gap between songs and production. For past releases they tracked the music at their home studio but for Older Self they chose to work at different studios. In addition to working at Jason Quever’s (Papercuts) studio, they also tracked at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco for the song “Shame.”  They comment, “We had a connection to recording engineer and musician, Robert Shelton, (DRMS and currently of Meernaa), who also played Keys on ‘Shame’.”

All of the St. Tropez songs are written and composed by Sanjay Vora, a visual artist and multi-instrumentalist. As a visual artist he can see the songs, they come to him first as a “vision”, or in terms of a musical piece, he can “hear” the entire song and arrangement in his head before his band has even played a note of it.  Guest appearances are seen by Anton Patzner (Foxtails Brigade) who performed and arranged strings on the songs “Cold Heart” and “The Sound of the Sea.”

Captivating and bittersweet throughout, the new EP Older Self is out now and available everywhere you stream music.








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