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Onda Mundial Announces an International Community for Latin Electronic Music Aimed at Developing Artists and Communities Throughout Latin America!

Official Launch Party Will Take Place On Jan. 24th with Performances from:  
DJ Marfox, Debit, F5, Quixosis, Tropicaza, La Bruja De Texcoco

@ Galera, Mexico City, CDMX

International community of Latin electronic music gathers in a promising artist collective and content platform aimed at developing the genre and empowering local dance culture.

Onda Mundial is a community of artists, creatives and enthusiasts around Latin electronic music and culture, representing a scene that has long been steadily developing. The project focuses on creating connections between the artists and creatives that are driving the scene forward, and their growing numbers of fans and followers around Latin America and the world.

Currently, Onda Mundial is releasing new music from emerging and known artists and producers within the Latin American dance circuit, in an effort to create an iconic catalog that faithfully represents contemporary sounds from the region. In late January, Onda Mundial is launching an online platform that will be creating and distributing original content by way of music, video and podcasts, and will focus on the community behind this movement, and the effect they have worldwide. Onda Mundial editorial mission is to create a node for this community to discuss and share curated content – a surprisingly vacant role in the industry.

Additionally, the Onda Mundial collective maintains a roster of prominent DJ’s and producers, to be announced in January too, who will focus on sharing original and emblematic sounds in the scene. With a series of monthly residencies that are gaining momentum at Galera (one of Mexico City’s most popular clubs, and home to Onda Mundial’s hub and facilities), the collective has proven the capacity to create an original and extraordinary dance environment, with a strong sense of networking and communion from the local scene. The collective will perform at a few internationally renown festivals in Mexico in 2020 (including Bahidorá Festival), and is set to tour this Summer and Fall.

Onda Mundial – Official Platform Launch Party:

When: Jan. 24, 2020 @ 7 PM – VIP Reception,
@ 10 PM – Onda Mundial Official Launch Party

Calle Dr. Carmona y Valle 147
Doctores, 06720 Ciudad de México, CDMX


  • F5
    F5 is a collective comprised of DJ and Producer Lechuga Zafior (NAAFI) and the three-member drum line Cuareim 1080. Together they incorporate Latin American rhythms with Lechuga Zafior production chops to create the perfect balance between the thunder of the drums and the beat of electronic music.
  • DJ Marfox
    Marfox and Príncipe Discos have come a long and transformative path since their debut in 2011. Since then, Marfox reclaimed his roots while using them to detonate a collective evolution in the creative, technological and social spaces. Marfox began producing and mixing as a teenager, and released his music via YouTube and streaming platforms. The raw and minimalist sound of his beginnings has mutated into a complex network of influences and new ways of expressing himself, as we can attest to his newest EP, Chapa Quente.
  • Debit
    Since 2012, Debit has been an influential force in Mexican experimental, electronic and club scenes. In an adventurous mix of ambient, techno and various Latin club rhythms, Debit takes advantage of the cerebral and physical alike, forcing us to move mind and body.
  • Quixosis
    This producer and visual artist from Quito has decided to bet on constant change and experimentation, which feeds on the Andean and Latin American musical tradition. Quixosis uses machines that were invented to leave the past behind and blends the sounds with subversive intentions and preserve Ecuador’s traditional heritage.
  • Tropicaza 
    Tropicaza is the DJ selecta alter ego of Carlos Icaza, a notable musician, researcher and journalist, who brings his crate digging chops to the forefront with his vast collection of  Latin American gems including: soul, rap, disco, bizarre rhythms and a lot of tropical candle.
  • La Bruja De Texcoco
    Originally from Mexico City, La Bruja de Texcoco has been dedicated to music for two decades. It is a musical and performance project that was born from the rejection of the masculine in Mexican music. La Bruja takes traditional Mexican music along a feminine path to a fabulous universe full of extravagance, sequins, masks and huipiles.


Onda Mundial Team:

Michael Rucker: Onda Mundial chief advisor, and former executive at Codigo Music – the largest group of independent labels in Latin music, including Fania Records, the emblematic Latin music record label founded in NYC in 1963. Fania Records was known as “the Motown of Latin Music” and was responsible for bringing salsa music from the clubs of NYC to a global platform and promoting Latin American culture worldwide.

Íñigo Villamil: CEO at Onda Mundial, and originally a promoter, festival architect and designer of renown musical experiences in Mexico, including Bahidorá, Akamba and Solar, among others. Co-founder of Galera, a musical venue and home to Onda Mundial’s facilities in Mexico City.

Lucía Anaya: A&R at Onda Mundial. For more than 10 years Lucía has dedicated to discovering breakthrough musical projects for audiences in Mexico and Latin America. Today she is responsible for programming and talent acquisition at Onda Mundial and Distrito Global (Carnaval de Bahidorá, Akamba). Additionally, she is the co-founder of the queer collective Traición, through which she has given global visibility to queer culture in Mexico.

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