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Feat. Francesca Lombardo

New single & stunning video out today on Dorado Records

Listen & watch here

“He’s really broken out of that framework. His singles and videos to date show a lushness that touches on his classical training, jazz, neo soul, South African music and much more.” – Joe Muggs

“A mesmerising slice of future music” – Louder Than War

“Oh my goodness. That is utterly incredible!” – Anna Phoebe, Soho Radio

(August 24, 2022) New York, NY — NIN3S makes a return with a one-off release today of the single ‘Innerlight’ featuring the stunning vocals of Francesca Lombardo. The mesmerizing accompanying video portrays an all-seeing eye that represents a consciousness traveling through space and time. The beautiful visual effects connect inner and outer space, spinning and colliding star systems and the starry trail of an orbiting planet, or a spinning vinyl.

Shimmering tech-jazz tour de force ‘Innerlight’ is released as a standalone single, and follows NIN3S’ critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hopeyard’, which came out this April on Dorado Records. NIN3S has created a stunningly orchestrated techno soundscape that is an evolution of the sophisticated jazz electronica that furnished his debut album ‘Hopeyard’. The four to the floor beats with refrains of jazz brass act as the backdrop to the atmospheric vocals of Lombardo, which inhabit ‘Innerlight’ and take the listener on a journey.

Francesca Lombardo is a respected vocalist and DJ, who has cultivated a sound of her own across a back catalog of music on labels from Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee, Leftroom, Poker Flat, Bedrock and her own imprints Echoe and Echolette.

NIN3S said “I was working on a track to represent a mind traveling through space, an enlightenment… but I felt that the track was incomplete. A friend of mine told me about Francesca and I thought it could be an amazing idea to work on a collaboration together in a different way. Francesca sent me back the track with some very cool changes on the arrangement and of course the addition of her voice, and I developed both our visions together. After more instrumentation and rearrangements and the last magic of mixing and mastering, here is Innerlight!”

Formerly known as DJ and producer Uner, who has won over 10 awards as an international producer/artist and numerous accolades including Best Newcomer at the Ibiza DJ Awards, NIN3S is an enigmatic studio wizard, composer, arranger, songwriter and classically trained pianist. NIN3S has shed his former moniker, plus years of house sounds to present music that showcases the breadth of his musicality, storytelling and moods.

NIN3S released ‘Hopeyard’ in response to the emptiness he felt through endless touring and self-searching through his time in lockdown. In evidence is his deep love of the piano which he places at its heart. His desire to reconnect with his classical roots sees NIN3S combining the acoustic with the electronic to create jazzy broken beats and bewitching melodies, with three critically acclaimed singles from the album ‘So Far, So Close’, ‘Adeve’ and ‘Khokhoba’ featuring South African vocalist Toshi.