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LD1 (Anna Sutton - Blushing Rose Studio)

Lauren Dukes Announces Self-Titled Debut EP is Due Out September 2nd


New Video “Closure” Out Now



Emerging R&B Singer-songwriter Lauren Dukes is set to release her self-titled debut EP on September 2nd. For years Lauren Dukes has made a name for showcasing her talent for performing throughout the local Chicago scene. Her self-titled debut EP is a welcome calling card to an artist ready to breakthrough. Along with the announcement, Dukes unveils her new live session video for “Closure,” out now.

“Closure” is a song with many applications, however, at its core the piece is about wanting what we may not be able to have again & having to accept whatever that answer is in the end. Dukes says, “It’s something we all want. But it’s rare to get it…closure.”

On her upcoming 5-song EP, Dukes keeps a common thread of story-telling. The project encompasses a blend of blues, soul, jazz and R&B with Faith as the foundation that brings it all together. Dukes explains her writing process, “Much of what I write starts off by asking (God, the universe, then myself) “What is the message You want me to deliver? Then, I ask, “What do I want to express?””

The production behind the project is propelled by Lauren Dukes’ band, a talented cast of musicians including Nic Byrd (Guitar), Andy Sutton (drums & producer), Ola Timothy (Bass), Kris Lohn (Bass), Moses Hall (Keys), Latavius Mulvac (on Keys), Aiden Dehn (Sax), Shawn Maxwell (Sax), Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy (Keys), Marques Carroll (Trumpet), Kirk Garrison (Trumpet), & Nicole Garza (background vocals).

Earlier this year, Lauren Dukes released the EP’s lead single “Hectic Love Week.” The single and EP demonstrate Dukes’ commitment to her craft. She concludes, “Everything I do is with my whole heart. It is my passion. My ministry. I want everyone to walk away from listening feeling better than the way they came. Music has the power to do that, and I’m honored to get this opportunity to hopefully contribute.”

Lauren Dukes  will be releasing live session music videos every Wednesday leading up to the 9/3 EP release date. Check out the first video Closure here: The lead single “Hectic Love Week” is available now on all streaming platforms as well and received critical praise from the Chicago Sun Times, Medium, and The Deli.