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La Yegros Presents A Sonic Odyssey Of Emotions and Resilience On New Album 


Due Out March 29 with X-RAY Production!


(Austin, TX) – The renowned Argentinian artist La Yegros is set to release their highly anticipated fourth album, “HAZ” on March 29 with X-RAY Productions. 

With the new record the undisputed Queen of “Nu Cumbia,” La Yegros, presents a moving exploration of emotion that mirrors the turbulent times in which we live. By elegantly capturing a mesmerizing journey she blends traditional and contemporary sounds while tackling intimate, often melancholy and even painful themes. Pre-Save here.

The album’s title, “HAZ,” holds profound meaning for the artist. It symbolizes a clear path forward as a beacon in the dark. It is derived from the Spanish verb “HACER,” to embody the will to make decisions amidst uncertainty. As well as, the word “Haz” that when applied to light is a line that boldly marks the path towards a clear and fixed destination. 

La Yegros recalls, “I chose the title because it captures those moments amid the pandemic when the entire world experienced, and in my case it was during the creation of an album, so much confusion. However, I ultimately managed to find the path and the light that led me to follow it, and thus, move towards the final stretch with a sincere, authentic, and love-filled album.”

“HAZ” an album rooted in South American folkloric traditions, is a visceral journey through the peaks and valleys of the human experience. La Yegros shares, “​​This album is a journey of emotions and events, some imaginary, many personal and others told in third person. During its creation I have gone through waves of sensations that submerged me in different states such as love, heartbreak, sadness, enthusiasm, uncertainty, celebration, darkness, sorrow, resentment, frenzy, pain, joy, and even the desire to die… to be born again. “ She continues, “It’s a ride through love, heartbreak, celebration, and everything in between.”

When pulling together the new album La Yegros surrounded herself with the same collaborators who have supported her for the last ten years. Including producer Gaby Kerpel (King Coya), who captivates audiences with her groundbreaking approach that seamlessly bridges the gap between innovation and tradition. Along with composer Daniel Martín, who for La Yegros says, “knows how to come up with melodies to dream about and hymns to sing along to.” She adds, “We are inseparable and complementary, and tried to continue to concoct a mesmerizing mixture where acoustic instruments meet samples and the rolling of machines.”  

Additionally La Yegros worked with two feature artists, Eblis Alvarez a Colombian musician and founder and leader of the musical group “Meridian Brothers.” And the Ghanaian artist K.O.G whose powerful voice and Afrobeat influences are much loved by La Yegros.

La Yegros has renewed herself on “HAZ,” as it truly stands apart from her discography.  Across all 10 songs she has seamlessly blended diverse musical influences and offers a poignant perspective on love, loss, and self-discovery. The new music is open to a wealth of musical styles including funk guitar and Andean flutes, melancholy accordion and rolling drums, Tuareg blues enhanced by brass, house and electro Cumbia loops, and the bassoons of a chamber orchestra. The folklore 2.0 of La Yegros, nourished by its colorful inspiration, at times tender or exalted, has been imagined as a hymn to love and the contradictory feelings that come with it. 

The collaborative songwriting process with Gaby Kerpel and Daniel Martin unfolded in a whirlwind of spontaneous creativity, resulting in amusing anecdotes and a dynamic album. Standouts include “Bailarin,” a poignant exploration of letting go. “Veo” ft K.O.G, a powerful ode to rebirth. The powerful track “Secreto de Piedra”, which has all the ingredients to be a future La Yegros classic, with its chorus like a love hymn – letting go, sins, secrets, complicity and, at the same time, the emergence of purity. 

So far La Yegros has released a few new singles including “Donde,” a song that captures the distance that can form between couples, loneliness and the wait for the loved one. Set against the beat of haunting psychedelic Cumbia driven by the hypnotic guitar of the eccentric Colombian producer, Eblis Alvarez, from Meridian Brothers.

She also has released the stunning new single “Bodas de Plumas” that for La Yegros, captures “Moments when suddenly something happens and something I understood, something very intimate that cannot be told. And in between, one realizes that we are worthless, after that discovery.” When creating this song La Yegros says, “we used an instrument called Bichito Cordobes, invented by an Argentine luthier from the province of Córdoba named Homero Zambrano. This instrument has a tuning similar to the guitar, but the first three strings are doubled. It is not mass-produced; instead, each Bichito is unique in the world.”

As with all of La Yegros records, “HAZ ” was recorded in both France, her current home, and Argentina, her home country. They recorded in Buenos Aires (AR) at Stomba Studio with Gaby Kerpel and in Mendoza (AR) at Vistalbade Studio with Daniel Martin. Additional sessions were recorded in La Yegros’s private studio “Canta La Selva ” in Montpellier (FR).

La Yegros continues to defy genre norms as she weaves together rhythms and sounds inspired by popular trends, reggae, and funk. She shares, “‘HAZ’ is my authentic expression, a departure from the norm, and a journey into uncharted territories.” As nothing stands in the way of this Argentinian whirlwind, “HAZ” is poised to captivate global audiences with its evocative melodies and profound storytelling.

As always, it has also been conceived with the stage in mind. Hatching in a storm of overturned emotions, the album is all the more explosive for the strength of the live show that accompanies it. In addition to the usual line-up of guitar, accordion and percussion, a musician handles synthesizers and machines to boost the electronic turboshaft. In any case, you can count on the singer to assert her increasingly clear-cut character with each new project. And, above all, she won’t give up. La Yegros is back and her batteries are fully charged.

HAZ Tracklisting

01 – “Bailarin”

02 – “Donde” ft. Eblis Alvarez

03 – “Malicia”

04 – “Rehen” 

05 – “Bodas de Plumas”

06 – “Secreto de Piedra”

07 – “Todo yo”

08 – “Veo” ft. K.O.G

09 – “Perdedor”

10 – “Nada”


About La Yegros:

When the world opened up once again, La Yegros returned to the stage in 2022 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Viene de Mí, her hit single that catapulted her to international fame and off the self-titled album (2013). With her return she proves to be a singer who had grown up in the traditions of her country and of her parents’ cultures. Raised in Argentina with her parents who were from Misiones, a province bordering Brazil and Paraguay, she grew up on the sounds of chamamé (a mix of polka and Guaraní music), Carnavalito (Andean folklore) and Colombian Cumbia. But she herself is a native of Buenos Aires, whose nights were lived by the bass of Dancehall and electronic music.

These influences have merged in two further successful albums, Magnetismo (2016) and Suelta (2019), followed by high voltage tours during which La Yegros has been able to display her generous nature, inexhaustible energy, exuberant personality and infectious enthusiasm. 

She has graced the stage of many festivals and performances alongside the worlds renowned artists. A  few highlights include Lollapalooza (Argentina),  La Mar de Musicas (Spain), Womex (Spain), Lincoln Center New-York (US), Bahidorá (Mexico), Mundial Festival (Canada) – to name a few. And she has shared the stage with notable acts including Amadou & Mariam, Paul Mc Cartney, Angelique Kidjo, Alt-J, and Franz Ferdinand. Always looking for meaningful collaborations she has created with Gustavo Santolalla, Chinese Man, Baba Zula, Mexican Institute of Sound, Nickodemus, Throes + The Shine, Puerto Candelaria, Lindigo, Sabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls), and that is just the start!

With her fingers on the pulse of popular culture, her music can be heard in hit series like The Mayans, Club de Cuervos 3 Temporada, Ray Donovan Season 3, Sangre Blanca (White Blood), Jusqu’à la garde, Love Me Tender to name a few.