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Austin, TX – India’s premiere electronic musician, talented composer and songwriter, Komorebi has released her sophomore album with a sci-fi concept, “The Fall.” Accompanying the release are visually captivating music videos and a comic book that brings the sci-fi concept to life. The new album is out now on the Austin-based tastemaker imprint, Chicken Ranch Records and available everywhere you stream music.

Currently one of the most sought after musicians with celebrated hits on internationally renowned series like “Made in Heaven.” Komorebi, aka Tarana Marwah, has been named ‘India’s most promising talent in the electronic live music sphere.’ With her original voice, she has dominated the music festival space as one of the few female electronic producers of India with her sights set globally. 

The new album takes the listener on an epic artistic journey. Her sound and captivating songwriting easily puts her in the echelons of acclaimed artists like Bjork, Imogen Heap, GORILLAZ, Massive Attack, Radiohead, and even Grimes. As she tells an intergalactic sci-fi story based on the main character Kiane’s crash landing on Earth, she leans into electronic and trip-hop soundscapes. Each song connects Komorebi’s real life to Kiane’s story which binds the creator to her creation in a unique and special way.

Growing up in India, Komorebi would watch anime and play video games, she recalls, “I’ve always been drawn to the fantastical realms these mediums provide. ‘Larger than life’ and ‘escapism’ in art culture helped me survive my formative years, especially since I came from a troubled home. Reconnecting with my inner child as an adult is the undertone, the ‘root’ or ‘core’, the inspiration behind this particular body of work.” 

She wrote the album about six or seven years ago in New Delhi. Komorebi was living alone, her preferred writing ambiance, and she recalls that time as lonely, reflected in the melancholy sentiments throughout the album. Similar to her writing preference, she recorded her vocals in solitude, and darkness, a technique that gives her the signature whisper sound.  Most of the album was recorded at the co-producer Gaurav Raina’s (of Midival Punditz), studio. She says, “Gaurav Raina acted as the ‘Rick Rubin’ to my composition process; meticulously helping me put together ‘just the right team’.” The guitars were tracked in Auckland, NZ via Blackstratblues. Mastering was done by Mike Marsh (Massive Attack, Morcheeba) from the Xchange, UK

They tracked the live strings over a ZOOM call, Komorebi recalls, “It was a magical process for me. I’ve always been a fan of string sections and how they make me feel. Strings in Anime + Video Game soundtrack contributed largely to my inspiration to become a musician to begin with.”

She continues, “I had recently learned how to compose and arrange strings alongside Gaurav for our film scoring work on OTT; luckily for me the knowledge seeped into my work on the album. We approached James Gair who orchestrated the string sections beautifully via Mavron Quartet (Wales). I have never had this many musicians perform my original compositions. I had goosebumps throughout!”

The new album is seven tracks deep with standouts including released single that debuted with Rolling Stone, “I Grew Up.” It is a song about one’s journey through life; and the sacrifices you need to make to become who you’re meant to be. The thought provoking lyrics answer an existential question for Komorebi –why are we here?  For love, it’s always been about love. 

“Watch Out” is a song about loving people, which can mean letting them go, and embracing one’s right to freedom. The title song “The Fall” is a dialogue about self-destructive, repetitive patterns, the fall, that can seem to happen right at the height of achievement. She asks, “When it comes crashing down will you like the person you’re left with in the end.” With “Better Not Bitter” Komorebi creates a moody ballad that exemplifies her string composition. She explains, “Sung by my inner child, a ballad I wrote from a vulnerable place about bullying. I’ve expressed my desire to be accepted by someone, and tapped into my fear of being left out or unheard.”

The album will be released with a comic book where Komorebi delves into The Fall’s lore. The exclusive Komorebi Comic Book is in collaboration with the Mumbai-based “The Comic Book Store.” It will be a featured comic at COMICCON INDIA and available in select U.S. comic book stores.

The album release follows her Spring 2023 UK tour where she opened for SQUID (Warp Records) at the FOCUSWALES festival. While on tour she met with Bobby Friction at BBC Asia, who shared her music with the team at BBC studios, London. She took her unique brand of electronic music to SXSW this past March (2023) for her second time as one of the headlining artists at the Chicken Ranch Records showcase. Additionally, the fast-rising international superstar has been selected as an APPLE UP NEXT artist for 2023. 

Komorebi has partnered with her co-producer Gaurav Raina (Midival Punditz) to write original film scores for the OTT realm, having done mammoth projects like “Made in Heaven,” “Bombay Begums,” “Modern Love,” and the Berlinale 2023 nominated series “Dahaad”. 

Komorebi will be back on tour to support the new album, kicking off in India at the Ziro Festival on September 29th. The tour will take her to the US which will route back to SXSW in March of  2024, additional dates to be announced.

Looking back at the new album Komorebi says: 

 “It is my sophomore album and a milestone in my career, simply winning on account of the time and effort spent to make it good. It is the most ‘me’ I’ve ever been, from the songwriting to the influences musically and otherwise. I think everything I’ve done has led me up to this point, to do what I’m doing now.”

Komorebi is a Japanese term meaning “sunlight filtering through leaves”. It’s a fitting moniker for Tarana Marwah, a New Delhi (India) based electronic artist, whose lush Bjork and Radiohead-inspired soundscapes are described as “hypnotic,” “haunting,” and “otherworldly”. Since releasing her first EP in 2015, Komorebi has been on a steady ascent, not just as a result of touring extensively in India and performances at festivals such as SXSW 2022 & 2019, FOCUS Wales 2023, Treefort, Red Bull Tour Bus, NH7 Weekender, but also scoring projects for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, winning the Vh1 Sound Nation League competition in 2019 and also being nominated for an MTV European Music Award. Komorebi is also an ‘AKAI Alesis’ sponsored artist and a featured artist on Red Bull and Resident Advisor.
And there’s more to come. Her next body of work features more experimentation with art, language, and various unique instruments. Fitting, considering that while Komorebi is revered in her home country of India, she is poised to take on the world.

Track Listing:

“I Grew up”

“Tangled and Familiar”

“Better Not Bitter”

“All The Things”

“The Fall”

“Watch Out”

“Silent War”



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