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OUT OCTOBER 14th, 2022

“When Kenya’s rich, deluxe voice enters, the tune takes on a luscious reggae flow rife with vibrant timbres.” – Medium

““Bun it” is a change in vibe from Kenya’s music and highlights her writing talents.” – World A Reggae

“The anthemic track sees her taking to task the powers that be with thought-provoking lyrics while celebrating the strength of womanhood in the same breath. She delivers a solid vocal performance as well and exudes a stunning commanding vocal tone that immediately seizes the ears.” – Word is Bond

“Ms. Eugene is conscious and passionate and she starts to work rhythmically on the microphone.” – The Cross Pollinator

Kenya Eugene is excited to announce her newest single “Higher,” due out October 14th.  The new single is produced by Bobo Rems of Rebellion City Productions and is a merger of lovers rock and Roots reggae.

Virgin Islands born, artist, Kenya Eugene, has been honing her skills since the tender age of four.  Kenya’s evolution in mastering the art of vocal performance came from what can only be described as an everlasting fire. As an Artist, Actress, and Model, Kenya has blended her love for various forms of art bringing about a perfect marriage of her passions into what she calls Heart Music. Coming from a long line of artists and players of instruments. Kenya recalls as a youth following around her older siblings, including her older sister Roots Reggae Empress Dezarie, just to be in the presence of music. Some would say music is in her genes and her embracing Reggae music is only natural.

Kenya describes how this special new single came about, “Bobo Rems linked me and sent some riddims. Almost instantaneously, I fell in love with one. That day I had a few errands to run as well as spending some quality time with the family. While running around, I kept hearing the melodies in my head. When we arrived at the park, it was filled with families, pure happiness and togetherness; just observing all the parents, youths, families’ and friends enjoying each moment with each other, were the perfect inspiration, a breath of fresh air. I was able to take it all in.” She adds, “In that moment my husband and I put pen to paper. As it turns out we make a pretty great writing duo. Those moments reminded me of the things that matter most in this life. So, the inspiration behind the single is Love.”

Kenya’s unique song writing intelligence and versatility has afforded her the opportunity to write for major and independent label artists, have her music featured in major film and perform on a number of stages. She has been the handpicked opening act for artists such as Morgan Heritage, Dezarie, Wyclef Jean, Big Mountain, Bambu Station, Brandy, and India Arie just to name a few.

When it comes to “Higher” and how it fits into her impressive body of work, she states, “This one just hits different. It’s special to me like all my music, but there is something about the riddim that keeps calling out for the words, making a perfect union. My music is called Heartmusic, and this song fits into my catalog with ease.”

Kenya concludes, “I am honored to have the opportunity to bring forth such a beautiful message and expression of Love. ‘Higher’ is one of those ‘Feel Good’ tunes that you can’t help but keep on replay. Keep your heart and your mind open to this experience.”

The new song is due out Oct. 14th.




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