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Austin’s Funk and Soul Sensation, Honey Made, 

Unveils Highly Anticipated Record:

“Charge It to the Band Fund”

New EP is Due Out November 17th!

Austin, TX – Austin’s very own funk and soul powerhouse, Honey Made, is back with an electrifying new album that’s set to shake up the music scene. “Charge It to the Band Fund” is an ode to resilience, self-discovery, and the unapologetic pursuit of musical authenticity. The new EP is due out November 17th, and will be available everywhere you stream music!

With the new record, Honey Made presents a culmination of years of musical exploration and evolution. The band’s journey from their early days with the critically acclaimed album “Brand New”  to the present has been a continuous quest to find their unique sound. With “Charge It to the Band Fund,” they’ve hit the mark by creating music that is fun, experimental, raw, and fresh. This EP captures their take on the Soul/R&B/Fusion genre that sets them apart and places them in a league of their own.

The title of the new record, “Charge It to the Band Fund,” pays homage to the gritty, unyielding spirit of the 90s and ‘00s southern Hip-Hop era. It is also reflective of the tumultuous world of the music industry, Honey Made explains, “All musicians know that during your journey in this industry everything doesn’t always go as planned. You get Ws, but you damn sure are gonna catch plenty of L’s. Don’t let that stop you. Charge those hits to the game and keep rolling. Get stronger. Keep kicking ass.”

The album came together through a few sessions during the autumn of ’22, with final sessions that took place earlier this year. The magic happened at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin, TX, and served as the creative sanctuary for Honey Made under the masterful guidance of engineer Andre Moran. This artistic endeavor saw all nine members of Honey Made coming together to record live at the spacious studio. The unique dynamic of having all three vocalists simultaneously ensconced in isolated booths, while still sharing in each other’s presence, ignited spontaneous dance parties and enhanced collaborative communication. The band was also more involved in the mixing process compared to past releases. 

The undeniable fruits of this collective labor stand as a testament to their unwavering commitment to musical excellence. The band comments, “Willie and Andre really dialed in the sonic experience. The vision was to capture as much of that live energy as possible, but still have fun with a bit of studio magic.  Kinda like a funky Rick Rubin record. Not too much. Just enough.” 

Stacked with outstanding songs the EP is an embodiment of their relentless spirit and anthem of the band’s resilience. Within the 7 songs  include the critically acclaimed radio edit of the single “Upstairs.” Wrapped in 60s soul and surf rock vibes the song outlines the complexities of dating, and has been featured on AAA stations across the country and in rotation with SIRIUS XMs The Loft. “Ashy Pockets (My Mode)” is the band’s remix of the original song that first appeared on “Couple Few” and blends G-Funk and Metal influences, it was the song’s executive producer’s John Ryan suggestion that led to the remix, which breathed new life into the song. “FYC” is inspired by Dave Chappelle’s famous Charlie Murphy, Rick James stories, and offers the band’s perspective on the famous phrase “F*** Yo Couch.” An impromptu jam created “DFA,” a tribute to trombonist Donald McDaniel. The band says, “ This song is dedicated to the hardest working man in the biz. We felt he was so gangsta that he needed his own theme song. Dbone Funk Amazing.” And “Love It”  is about fatherhood, the band comments, “As a band of men we realized that there aren’t enough songs that highlight the joy of fatherhood. We had to make it an anthem. Do ya thang daddy!” 

“Charge It to the Band Fund” is not just another album for Honey Made; it’s a pivotal release that represents their artistic vision and unique fusion of musical styles. Coming off the Audacy’s Opening Act competition and finishing in the top 1% the band is committed to breaking through with this album, reaching new audiences, and expanding their live and digital presence. With its blend of genres and unwavering authenticity, “Charge It to the Band Fund” is set to be a game-changer for Honey Made.

The new record is due out November 17th with a record release show at Skylark Lounge on the 18th!

Track listing for “Charge It to the Band Fund”:

  • “Get On Up”
  • “Vibin’”
  • “Upstairs”
  • “Love It”
  • “Ashy Pockets (My Mode)”
  • “FYC”
  • “DFA”


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