There's Enough




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02 Conclave Feb 2020 – Credit Guarionex Rodriguez Jr



Conclave, the musical pairing of Cesar Toribio and Scott Scribner, will be releasing their new single “There’s Enough” on October 9th on the newly inaugurated Love Injection Records label. This release comes on the heels of their 12-inch single, a thumping cover of the soul standard “Sunny,” whose Latin Disco pedigree makes it the perfect canvas for the Brooklyn-based duo. “There’s Enough” is the first single from their highly-anticipated full-length debut forthcoming in 2021.

Cesar Toribio and Scott Scribner are both multi-instrumentalists whose alchemy is evident in the ebb and flow of their compositions, warm juxtapositions of the delicate and powerful inextricably woven around the living, breathing rhythm. The duo’s chemistry runs more than a decade deep, dating to their days at Berklee College Of Music, where the Dominican percussionist from Tampa and the NYC-bred bassist first met. As part of an ensemble that backed spoken word artists, the pair connected on a fundamental level and forged a path for future collaboration. There is a special, unspoken communication common to these rare pairs, an organic feel for the groove that can’t be faked and is stoked by a mutual, primal understanding of rhythm and pocket.

The musical inspiration for “There’s Enough” comes from a balancing act of incorporating Dominican rhythms, afro drumming, soulful melodies, jazz, and funk. The lyrics speak of being perceived as inadequate, despite our uniqueness showing otherwise; one’s own knowing that you are enough.. The duo explains why this release is so special, “‘There’s Enough’ is the best introduction to Conclave through our own original sound and song. It has a bit of everything that the forthcoming album will have: Afro-Caribbean rhythms, soul, funk, jazz, and improvisation”

Though improvisation is key to their compositions, this is not vague, meandering music. Conclave gets to the point, resulting in sweaty, soulful invocations for the dancefloor—music to get down to. A key fixture of the Brooklyn DJ community, Toribio’s studies of the dance floor turned him on to DJs and producers like Theo Parrish, Louie Vega and Osunlade, practitioners of soulful dance music with roots ranging from spiritual jazz to Afro-Latin rhythms. Conclave sets out to make unapologetically physical, body music informed by a thorough background in Afro-Latin sounds. And it is this type of spiritual dance music that they evoke, connecting the clave inherent in James Brown, Juan Luis Guerra and Joshua Redman and synthesizing it all into a thoroughly modern, irresistibly danceable dimension.

Look out for more news and music from this steady rising duo as well as remixes by friends and mentors, as they head towards the release of their debut album on Love Injection Records (the name well-known for their quality fanzine self-distributed by Paul Raffaele and Barbie Bertisch).