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Como Las Movies Set To Drop New Single “¿YPQSP?” Today!

Listen to the new song here:

(Austin, TX) – Como Las Movies drops their highly anticipated new single “¿YPQSP?” today on their imprint, Como Las Movies! The new song is available everywhere you stream music.

A sound for this generation, Como Las Movies effortlessly combines pan-Latin and pop musical influences into an unmissable duality that has catapulted them to the forefront of the Nuevo Wave genre. The Austin based indie-cumbia-pop quartet includes Nelson Valente Aguilar (band leader, songwriter), Rene Chavez (vocals), Jaguar (Bass), and Alfredo Rios (percussion).

Today with the release of “¿YPQSP?”, Como Las Movies once again takes a fresh look at cumbia rhythms that transcends the band beyond the typical Latin sounds. It punctuates their signature blend of Indie-Cumbia-Pop with a mix of dream-pop soundscapes to create a lane of their own. The sonic textures were inspired by the fleeting innocence of childhood, Nelson recalls, “As I was humming melodies while listening to the instrumental the lyrics “quiero dormir, quiero volar repartir mil abrazos” popped up. This idea of “sleeping, dreaming, soaring through the sky and wanting to give a thousand hugs” was refreshing; I felt like I was reconnecting with my childhood.” He continues, “Sonically and lyrically, “¿YPQSP?” captures a bit of that childhood feeling where summers seemed to last forever and it was safe to dream without a care in the world.”

And, there is also the dichotomy in the lyrics that deals with very grown up issues as posed with the title question, “y por que seguimos peleando /why do we keep fighting?” Reflecting back, Nelson comments, “lyrics in the song seem to represent a yearning to be comforted by someone or something –a lover, a friend, an idea, a dream, or even a memory. But yet there is the feeling of vast unknowns and existentialism through the metaphor of the ocean in the third verse. And for me the saying, “dying is easy, leaving is hard” was a constant while working on lyrics. I was trying to capture that inner struggle that many of us deal with on a daily basis.”

“¿YPQSP?” was recorded at Chicken Run Studios, owned by Scott Collins, and engineered and co-produced by Dylan Fischer. And comes on the heels of their debut EP, Nuevo Wave, released last year and garnered critical acclaim tastemakers like Latino Rebel proclaiming “…a band for the world we grew up in: where The Cure could coexist with Soda Estereo, where cumbia was just as common as Depeche Mode.”

“¿YPQSP?” is due to drop on October 25, and will be the A side of the accompanied7” vinyl release with the track “No Soy De Ti” on the B side. The new single marks the beginning of their journey to highlight their current creative mood by creating and releasing new music with more frequency. Como Las Movies will be performing at ABGB Co. on Oct. 26 in celebration of this release! Check here for more information.

…occupying a space where traditional Tejano, 
                 Cumbia, and Son Jarocho music meet face to face with synth-heavy new wave inspiration. It’s not a dense space with many inhabitants…in fact they may be there by themselves.”

“...expressly cinematic, but thrives on spacey Latin pop tunes…
– The Austin Chronicle

Don’t be surprised if you hear them in the near future on the big screen…