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Brazilian Songstress Céu Announces Her Six Studio Album 


New Album is Out Now  with Urban Jungle/ONErpm

Recorded in Los Angeles, the album features musical production by the artists Pupillo 

and Adrian Younge!

(Los Angeles, CA) – Regarded as the most influential Brazilian artist of her generation, the 3x Latin GRAMMY Award winner Céu returns once again to the spotlight with her newest album Novela! Returning to her roots for the new album Céu tapped long-time producer Pupillo who engaged Adrian Younge to create one of her most compelling albums to date. Novela is out now and available everywhere you stream music, listen here

In the early 2000s, Céu lived in NYC’s Lower East Side and it was there that she discovered her passion as a songwriter. The emerging artist immersed herself in the MC street performer culture of the neighborhood, which was a mix of black and Puerto Rican artists. She created and honed what was to become her signature voice and a boldness that had not yet been heard in Brazilian music. From this time she wrote and released her debut album, “Céu” (2005).

This album catapulted Céu into the mainstream and garnered critical accolades, resulting in nominations for both the GRAMMY Awards and the Latin GRAMMY Awards, charting on various charts worldwide and on Billboard, and becoming one of the best-selling Brazilian albums in the history of the United States. This boldness continues to shape her distinctive path, earning her prestigious awards and, just as importantly, recognition from audiences who strongly connect with her.

In 2023, Céu returned to the USA, this time to the West Coast, where she conceived Novela (Urban Jungle/ONErpm), her sixth album due out on digital platforms this April 26th. Céu recorded with Adrian Younge at his renowned Linear Labs Studio in Los Angeles. She worked alongside her long-time collaborator, São Paulo-born artist, musician and producer from Pernambuco, Pupillo. Pupillo’s credits include former drummer of Nação Zumbi, co-responsible for Céu’s releases “Tropix” (2016) and “APKÁ!” (2019), and winner of three Latin Grammy Awards, and a producer for Gal Costa and Erasmo Carlos. She also worked with the multi-instrumentalist and arranger Adrian Younge, who is most known for albums such as “Something About April” (2011), and for projects with Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, The Delfonics, and Wu Tang Clan, as well as co-directing the multimedia initiative Jazz Is Dead.

As is customary in Adrian’s work, the album was captured live, without the technological gadgets of today, recorded on tape, which demands total presence. Although it may seem like an old-fashioned approach that harkens back to the beginnings of character-forming record recordings, interestingly, it is a futuristic experience that, according to Céu, requires a lot of emotional intelligence and no artificiality. “Nothing vintage,” she assures. In the studio, the band consisted of Pupillo (on percussion, programming, and drums), Younge (on keyboards, guitar, bass – in “Reescreve” -, arrangements, and conducting strings and winds), and Lucas Martins (on bass – in virtually all tracks -, guitar, and co-authorship of three of the 12 tracks on the album).

Novela is a compilation of 12 songs woven together with captivating collaborations and featured artists. “Dawned in your lucky color/ Chant your mantra and go/ Singing/ Living is for the brave,” sings Céu on the new song “Raiou,” which opens Novela. On the album opener, Céu is joined by the esteemed MC and songwriter, LadyBug Mecca, from Digable Planets, whose parents are from Brazil. In “Gerando na alta,” it’s the turn of anaiis, a Franco-Senegalese singer and songwriter, based in London, England, to exchange impressions about sisterhood. Loren Oden and Jensine Benitez are the featured signers on “Into my Novela,” which is also a collaboration between Céu and Lucas Martins. It is a play on the title and talks about the teledrama of everyday life, where there are no TV cameras recording actions, nor predefined scripts. “I am the protagonist of my Novela/ So good, yeah baby/ I want to learn how you want me/ To love you,” sings Céu.

Within Céu’s Novela there are talented players who contributed to the storylines held within the songs. Frankie Reyes, an American DJ and producer of Puerto Rican descent, adds to the harmony of the track “Buá Buá,” wherein Céu owns the melody and lyrics as she sings: “Cry all the tears that one day/ You refused to cry/ Cry because you recognize/ That you won’t find one of these.” Hervé Salters, a French artist and leader of General Elektriks, co-producer of “Tropix,” appears on “High na Cachú,” whose verses by Céu say: “Cold sweet water makes me reborn/ While the stone calls me back to sit/ Retaining all the heat it kept from the sun/ I settle like a flower pollinating.” Marcos Valle, a national treasure from Rio de Janeiro, co-wrote “Reescreve” with the São Paulo-born artist, Céu, which, at the end of the affectionate session, questions the perspective of colonizers in Brazilian history textbooks.

“What was there/ I never believed in/ Every page I read/ Just made me more sleepy/ Since the peoples who were silenced/ The embers came to burn/ The truth comes to light/ It’s too much material to work with.” “Corpo e colo,” the only track by outside collaborators, emerged from a collaboration between Nando Reis and Kleber Lucas. Recently, the acclaimed gospel artist and pastor of Igreja Batista Soul in Rio expressed his joy on social media, celebrating the upcoming release. “Another beautiful piece on the way. A wonderful partnership with my brother Nando Reis. I’ve just heard a preview of him singing, and I’m absolutely thrilled,” he remarked.

On Novela Céu spins ancient technologies, healing, creamy harmonies, boleros, polished stars, echoes of soul music, things of the earth, rap, and whispers to guides into a tapestry of sounds and story. The stunning new album showcases Céu’s fearlessness and dedication to her craft, highlighting the complexity and beauty of her creative work. It also continues to push the envelope by adding new influences that elevate her ongoing commitment to representing the diversity of Brazilian music. 

Novela is out now and available everywhere you stream music.

Céu’s music has transcended borders, captivating audiences on five continents at prestigious festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival (CA), North Sea Jazz (NL), Coachella (USA), Roskilde (DK), Rock in Rio (BRA), and Lollapalooza (BRA). Notable performances include memorable appearances in Havana (Cuba) and Beirut (Lebanon). Renowned for her collaborations with both Brazilian and international artists like Duran Duran, Herbie Hancock, Jorge Ben Jor, Gilberto Gil, and Emicida, Céu stands among the few Brazilian artists to grace the stage of BBC’s Later…with Jools Holland. 

Céu is widely regarded as one of the most influential Brazilian artists of her generation.  And she continues to enchant audiences in her native Brazil and touring worldwide, including a US tour kicking off this May!


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May 8 – Miami, FL – US

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June 22 – Porto Alegre  – BR 

July 12 – Rio de Janeiro – BR

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July 19 – Paris – FR

July 20 – Châlons-en-Champagne – FR

July 22 – Marciac – FR

July 24 – Berlin – DE

July 27 – Ribeira – ES

August 16 – Brasília – BR



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