META to release new EP Piñata on February 14th with Americano Label

Texas based hip-hop artist Meta is back with a new EP, Piñata due out on Friday, February 14th with Americano Label.  The theme for this release is personal for Meta and he takes the title to heart, “I felt like the piñata is a perfect metaphor for the message of this album.  Life is hard, and life is fun don’t ever let the beatings life throws at you stop you from being the best you.”

Meta exploded onto the scene with his debut album Metatation in late 2019. Critical accolades followed the release with The Hype Magazine commenting, “By combining Dusty’s cutting-edge musical stylings with and Meta’s melodic flow and direction, the blend of flavors range from Latin Cumbia elements to catchy Reggae riffs while still delivering a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop feel throughout.” Now Meta is back with a series of new releases that are tracking his ever evolving sound. By stepping out of his comfort zone and trusting his lyrical chops, he has found his voice on Piñata. Reflecting back Meta comments, “For the first time in my life I feel like I’m in a great place to really become who I’m meant to be. I’ve acknowledged my experiences good and bad and it left me hungry to experience more. Piñata forced me to trust my sound and really create music that I love.”

Piñata is the first three songs to be released from his recording sessions that took place earlier this year; with a full length studio album soon to follow. And communicate a very personal message, Meta comments, “Piñata is a take on my emotions and the feeling of having something to offer the world.  It’s my message to really myself and others to know your worth and get through those hard to become the best you.” All of the songs were created in the studio alongside Grammy award winner Mariano and Latin Grammy nominated El Dusty. Both on the album and EP, Meta tapped into the Texas hip-hop scene, with featured collaborations from Quentin Arispe, Ambrose Brown, Kai Lee, and Shiloh.

Meta reflects, “I had a general sense of what I wanted to sound like and the message I want listeners to receive.  Most songs took less than a day to put together and others two or three days to listen to the demo and work from there.” And in just a few days, Meta, Mariano and El Dusty pull together the final album, mixed and mastered at Americano Label’s PRODUCE Studios in Corpus Christi, TX.

Piñata will be released this Valentine’s Day, with Americano Label. In celebration of the record release, Meta will be curating an art show “A Hart Show” in Corpus Christi, TX.  He also is scheduled to perform at select shows during SXSW this March. Audience and fans can expect a full production at his live shows featuring live instruments, choreographed dances and special guests! The full length album will be due out later this year.

About Meta

Born in a low income area in San Antonio to a single mother, Meta attended a school where he found himself too dark for the light kids and too light for the dark, forming a reclusive attitude where he found it difficult to make friends, he turned to music. Moving from San Antonio to many small cities and schools during his high school career, Meta finally landed in Corpus Christi, TX at the age of 15. By age 17 Meta was homeless and couch hopping, rapping to people outside the mall and stores selling merch out of his backpack. With this hustle mentality, Meta began Meta Entertainment, curating shows and cultural events that have developed a name for himself in the South Texas area as a lively event host and high energy performer. Meta released his debut album in 2019, Metatation and is due to release Piñata this February.

“There is a track for everyone on the album which is hard to find in today’s day and age.” – Melly Starz

“The heavy Cumbia/Reggae influences make this release stand out from the ordinary Trap/Hip-hop genre.” – Vents Magazine