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Jefferson D Lion Announces New EP VIVE  Due out June 14th with Tastemaker

Imprint Americano Label


(Houston, TX) – Jefferson D Lion is proud to present his newest EP Vive due out June 14th with tastemaker Americano Label. The new EP highlights Jefferson D Lion’s lyrical prowess with Afro Caribbean, and Urban Tropical styles that blend to create this summer’s dancefloor favorites! The new EP is available for pre order here: and will be available everywhere you stream music on June 14th.

Jefferson D. Lion, a Houston local by way of Colombia, first started out with the underground Spanish pop group “B4” and later became a member of the hip-hop outfit “Conexao” where he gained recognition for his dynamic lyricism before going solo as Jefferson D Lion. The new EP will be his third solo release but first with tastemaker Americano Label. The EP Vive is a take on Jefferson D. Lion’s outlook on life, “The new EP means a lot to me, and naming the project Vive, which means Life and Live, in Spanish, is about taking a message of joy of life to the world.” He continues, “it is a reflection of my daily life, Vive is what it means live being free to enjoy life and that is me, a person who thanks God every day for another day, and lives it as if it were his last day in this world.”

The four track EP is stacked with standout songs including the reggaetón rooted and pure perro track “Bellaqueo.” Jefferson D. Lion recalls, “It all began with “Bellaqueo,” I was in the studio with DJ and producers El Dusty and Clips X Hoy creating the song. Well, that night when Clips X Hoy and El Dusty sent me the track to work at home I was so excited that I did not sleep. I spent the whole night working on the composition and at 6 o’clock in the morning I sent a note to Clips sending him the idea I had written for the song, and he sure must have said this guy is crazy he does not sleep or what!”

Other standouts include “Sueltalo,” a track full of energy and sure to be this summer’s slammin’ anthem to pull anyone to the dance floor, play it loud and on repeat. “Freaky Freaky” highlights a story about a confident woman who lives life as she prefers and knows how to get what she wants. “Mala” is about realizing the right person is actually the very wrong person, the upbeat flavor with the catchy hook is sure to be a club favorite this summer.

The new album was produced by Grammy nominated DJ and producer, El Dusty and recorded at his studio PRODUCE in Corpus Christi, TX. Additional producers include the talented Guillermo Alvarez, DJs and producer Clips X Hoy and Los XL, and Grammy award winning engineer and producer Mariano Nano Herrera. Americano label was started by El Dusty with the mission to bring various Latin styles to the forefront of dance music. The new release of Vive and addition of Jefferson D. Lion brings added Latin music stylings and talent to the Americano Label family, El Dusty states, “I’m super happy with Jefferson D. Lion’s new EP, he killed it!”

Jefferson D. Lion has gained a dedicated fan following and shared the stage with critically acclaimed performers like Pitbull, Joe Arroyo, Son De Cali, Binomio De Oro, De La Ghetto, Nelson Freitas and many others. He plans to hit the road to support the new release this year and will be touring around the U.S., Colombia, and Mexico. Audiences can expect a full energetic performance that will lure everyone to the dancefloor, and as Jefferson D. Lion says, “jump, scream and enjoy life as the title of this great project says, VIVE!”

Track Listing:

  • “Sueltalo”
  • “Freaky Freaky”
  • “Mala”
  • “Bellaqueo”