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El Dusty and Ma-Less Take a Political Stance on the Latinx Rally Cry “Soy Loca”

 El Dusty is excited to announce his newest single “Soy Loca” dropping on October 30th with Americano Label. On the new song, El Dusty joins up with Ma-Less, the Orlando based genre pushing vocalist and DJ, for a politically charged anthem that brings attention to the ongoing inhuman immigration practices in the U.S.

“‘Soy Loca’ is a response to I.C.E. separating families and locking kids up in cages. They call us (Latinx) people crazy but we have every right to be outraged about the injustices that are taking place, and it is a rallying cry that we will continue to fight the oppression and reunite these families,” comments Ma-Less.

With her unique approach, Ma-Less’ is known to vocally perform songs while DJing and has garnered accolades from critics, fans, and industry insiders. She has had releases on tastemaker labels like as Insomniac, Mad Decent, Aftercluv Dancelab (Universal Music Group), and La Clinica Records. She has performed at major festival including EDC Mexico, SXSW and her music has over 1.2 million streams on Spotify.

El Dusty states, “I’ve been wanting to work with Ma-Less for years and we finally made the right track especially for her. I’m excited for the people to hear this!”

Over the last year, El Dusty has been producing original music and working with artists on his independent imprint, Americano Label. Through the label El Dusty explores the intersections of music ranging from Latin America to the Caribbean. His recent release “Vampire” with I-Octane and Clips X Ahoy is out now, and takes the listener into the intersections of Cumbia Reggae!

Catch new the single here: https://music.empi.re/soyloca


El Dusty is considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica. KUTX has hailed him as “legendary,” Rolling Stone has said he is at the “Forefront of nu-cumbia” and Billboard claimed “[he is] creating a new and distinctly Latino sound.” As Corpus Christi’s leading man, he has been feeding cumbia into his sound processor and synthesizer before the turn of the millennium as he translates the Southern Texas border experience into new anthems where the MPC2000 sampler and chopped clips of Latin and reggae music history collide.