COMPLEX PREMIERE: Brownout – ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’ Mixtape

Premiere: DJ Eclipse and Brownout Pay Tribute to Public Enemy With ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’ Mixtape  On the 28th anniversary of Public Enemy’s seminal 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet, the Austin-based band Brownout (best known for their popular Black Sabbath tribute albums) has decided to pay homage to the rap classic by announcing their […]

Texas Monthly: Corpus Christi is Helping Reinvent Cumbia

On a Saturday afternoon in April, the DJ and producer El Dusty stood in the middle of the floor of the House of Rock, in Corpus Christi, holding his Chihuahua, Sasha, as he politely guided half a dozen men and women through preparations for a dance party. Walking toward the stage, where two men were raising […]

The Music Ninja: Panski A Road Less Traveled EP Review

Country music is not something you see in the dojo often, if ever. However, a producer coming out of Atlanta by the name of Panski is bringing some influence from the genre to house music. You might be thinking “WTF!?” but just stay with us because you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his new EP, #ARoadLessTraveled. [Read More]

Wall Street Journal Feature – ‘Sweet As Broken Dates’

Largely ignored by audiences outside its borders, the popular music of Somalia in the 1970s and ’80s was informed in part by culture-quaking politics: the establishment in 1969 of the Somali Democratic Republic led by President Mohamed Siad Barre and a socialist system that supported the arts but also promoted nationalism, curtailed freedoms, often violently, and […]

Forbes: Why Rootfire Cooperative Is Giving Out Microloans To Reggae Musicians

When The Movement’s managers at Rootfire first approached the band with the concept of a no-interest, one-year loan so they could pay to recording and release of a new album, lead singer Josh Swain was initially skeptical. “Why would someone give an interest-free loan?” Swain said. His band previously balked at label deals where third parties would […]

Vibe Premiere: Jesse Royal Feat. Jo Mersa Marley, “Generation”

Reggae singer Jesse Royal helps push the rich musical lineage of Jamaica forward on his forthcoming album, Lily of Da Valley. He worked with producers Llamar “ Riff Raff” Brown, Kareem “Remus” Burrell, Phillip “Winta” James and others to create a sound that combines revolutionary messages, soulful harmonizing and body-shaking beats. Teaming with up Jo Mersa Marley, […]