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PR Pro Tips

Top 5 things to ready when starting your PR Campaign

  1. Mastered Music Links – the first impression is a lasting impression. To ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward when it comes to presenting your music to tastemakers, deliver mastered links with metadata, both streaming and download versions. Much like you and me, writers have limited time, delivering the music in easily digestible formats – one click away, ensures that there are minimal excuses for not taking a listen.
  2. Album Artwork – your album cover is your campaign’s calling card. It is a visual representation of your music that everyone needs to see. Keep it creative and compelling.
  3. Professional Press Photos – put down that smartphone and hire a photographer! And no, do not photoshop your bandmates into the picture because yes we all can tell. Schedule a day when you can be together, get loose and funky and have fun – come on, you just finished an album – celebrate.
  4. Biography – get ready to go deep, biographies tell a fuller story that a press release can’t. Embrace your journey to this phase and understand that tastemakers like to know how you became the artist you are today.
  5. Outline Your PR Goals – Why do you need PR? Make a list of achievable goals and pie in the sky goals, drop us an email and let’s create a plan.