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I-D: Interview with Xiuhtezcatl

xiuhtezcatl dropped the perfect soundtrack for indigenous peoples’ day

The young activist/rapper discusses his debut album, ‘Break Free’ — and how he got Shailene Woodley to sing on it.

Since he was six years old, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez has been an outspoken environmentalist. Born to an activist mother — she founded the conservation organization Earth Guardians in the 1990s — and an indigenous Mexican (Mashika) father, Xiuhtezcatl grew up entrenched in a fundamental love, respect, and responsibility for the earth. “I grew up hella involved in our spiritual, ceremonial ways and cultural practices,” he tells i-D. Before he could legally vote, Xiuhtezcatl addressed the United Nations, published a biography as the Youth Director of Earth Guardians, headed several conservation initiatives in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, and is currently involved in an ongoing lawsuit against the U.S. federal government over climate change. Somehow he found time to model for Acne Studios and Kenzo [Read More Here]