The New York Times Feature – Jonathan Goldman of Spanglish Fly

SUNDAY ROUTINE How Jonathan Goldman, Professor and Musician, Spends His Sundays Jonathan Goldman, center, on the trumpet, often has gigs on Saturday nights with his band, Spanglish Fly. So if he gets the chance to sleep in on Sundays, he takes it.CreditJoe Carrotta for The New York Times By Shivani Vora April 27, 2018 By […]

COMPLEX PREMIERE: Brownout – ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’ Mixtape

Premiere: DJ Eclipse and Brownout Pay Tribute to Public Enemy With ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’ Mixtape  On the 28th anniversary of Public Enemy’s seminal 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet, the Austin-based band Brownout (best known for their popular Black Sabbath tribute albums) has decided to pay homage to the rap classic by announcing their […]