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Rootfire: Improvising Greatness: Matisyahu Interview

Vision. Integrity. Fearlessness. These are characteristics that give an artist the edge to be great. The edge to succeed. The edge to stay relevant, particularly after arriving into the mainstream. Matisyahu has been a staple of the modern reggae community since his debut in 2004. His second studio album, Youth, released just two years later, debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 and was nominated for a Grammy. His unique persona and sincere conviction has cut through the music since day one, drawing an ever widening spectrum of fans into his orbit.

But like any true artist, the need for growth and change has pushed Matis to explore many avenues for expressing himself musically. His 2017 release Undercurrent is an exceptional testament to exactly that, diving into a wide spectrum of deeply moving instrumentations and lyrics. The album was created from scratch in the studio, with a collection of live improvisations serving as the framework that this improv based album is built upon. Compositionally complex and unique, this latest release gives the listener a Matisyahu who has matured from the days of Youth into a musical visionary unafraid to create from the heart. [Read More]