CoS Premiere: Dirtwire “The Whip”

Spaghetti-Westerns and electronic music seem dichotomously opposed by their very nature. One is built on leather and six-shooters while the other is all about computers and modern tech. But if Westworld taught us anything, it’s that bringing the future and the past together can lead to some truly intriguing results. Dirtwire have been bridging that divide in […]

WBEZ Chicago Review: The Right Now “Starlight”

In the wake of platinum superstar Adele (and Amy Winehouse before her), pop music has had no shortage of soulful divas with big backing bands attempting to bring the brash, bold sounds of the early ’60s into the new millennium, but few have done it as convincingly as the seven-piece Chicago group the Right Now. […]

NPR First Listen: Ani Cordero, ‘Querido Mundo’

Ani Cordero has grown so much over her short career in front of the microphone. I can hear it in her latest album, Querido Mundo. Since her days as a founding member of the alternative Latin rock band Pistolera, Cordero has immersed herself in as many styles, genres and cultures as she could, all in […]

SPIN Premiere: Red Baraat “Bhangale” ft Delicate Steve

“Bhangale,” the new single from Brooklyn eight-piece Red Baraat, fuzes jazz, go-go, North Indian bhangra, and Sri Lankan-inspired drumming into a knitted blend of polyrhythmic panache. Meanwhile, the brass section—sousaphone, trombone, saxophone, and trumpet—ignites the track with a rush of interwoven improvisations. By calling out “bols,” the mnemonic “alphabet” of syllables used to describe tabla rhythms, the band explore what it means to communicate music between […]

CRAVE Premiere | Endless Summer 1-Day with Stick Figure

Everyone will tell you that they love reggae, yet most people don’t know their Ziggy Marley from their Damian Marley to their Stephen Marley. It’s still largely an underground genre which is a shame because the reggae scene is thriving with tons of talent such as Stick Figure. Started as a one-man band project by Scott Woodruff in […]