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Escape Reality As Zheani Releases New Single and Music Video “LULU”

“LULU” Music Video

(Brisbane, Australia) – The Iconoclastic DIY artist Zheani is back with her newest single and video for “LULU” dropping August 30th on her imprint 8GANG. The new song is a melodic trap, pop song based on positive affirmation and escapism.

“LULU,” is titled after a fictional character who refuses to allow negativity to drag her down despite feeling lonely and isolated. Zheani comments, “The track is empowering, encouraging listeners to look inside themselves and discover their hidden magic.”

In LULU Zheani shouts out some of her muses or “spirit animals” as she refers to them. The lyric’s “Abramovic yah, but I’m a rap witch Biddy got some magick” make direct reference to Marina Abramovic. Zheani comments “Marina is the most influential performance artist of our time.” Similarities can be drawn between Marina’s 2016 situation and Zheani’s current public drama with Die Antwoord. Abramovic was labeled a “Satanist” and other sexually derogative slurs due to her patrons being subjects of the “pizzagate” conspiracy. The debunked conspiracy theories and accusations against Abramovic resulted from Wikileaks publishing leaked DNC emails around the 2016 Presidential Elections. Much like Abramovic, Zheani was herself slanderously labeled a “Satanic Prostitute” earlier this year among other allegations that have been since debunked. Zheani states that she “draws strength and clarity from seeing how such horrible slander and conspiracies were not able to harm Marina’s career and trajectory.”

Zheani also references Lewd Internet Artist Belle Delphine who lost her 4.5 Million followers when Instagram deleted her account last month due to being mass reported by involuntary celibates who were outraged she would not engage in explicit content for their entertainment. “Belle Delphine, I’m a fiend Getting my dreams flicking the bean”. Zheani was herself censored from Instagram earlier this year and has dealt with multiple instances of her social media platforms being shut down.

Zheani has been back in the studio working on new music along with exploring other avenues of artistic expression. She comments, “I believe it is absolutely crucial to show strength in the face of adversity but putting my creative energy into a positive artwork like LULU is perhaps a way of tricking the matrix, so to speak”

Zheani reflects, “I’ve been putting out very serious content this year and although necessary, it’s incredibly draining. Lulu was my artistic response to the pressure I recently felt. I’m trying to focus on positive affirmation rather than just being cold-blooded and dead serious 24/7. LULU is the result.”

“LULU” is available everywhere across digital streaming platforms now.


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