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A true citizen of the world, Iakopo‘s feel ties his vast influences together to create a hypnotic reggae sound. He has just released his vibrant new music video for his hit track “Never Letting Go” off his powerful new album Waves!  The video has breathtakingly gorgeous shots, a love story that looks as if it’s taking place in a painting. Waves was released on February 1st, 2019 off tastemaker label Mensch House Records. The album was recorded and produced by Chaz Rox in Carson, California, and features Bo Napoleon, Yaccahmoe, and Jemere Morgan.

Iakopo currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He was born in California, the son of a music teacher, who trained him to play piano at the tender age of 3. After a difficult childhood, Iakopo was eventually adopted and raised by a Samoan family on the South Pacific island of Upolu Samoa, where he lived an island lifestyle in a small village. Iakopo remembers life there as being tribal and close to nature. There were no refrigerators, beds, TVs, or modern amenities. He did not have the noise of pop culture buzzing in his ear and distracting him, which allowed him to connect with, to see, to feel, to understand, and to process the world in an organic, filter-free way.  “I think I benefited from my surroundings and the love that I received from the people. And I didn’t face typical Western world pressures - to hurry up and do or be this; I wasn’t on the clock. I was very free to explore and my mind was free to imagine and create,” says Iakopo.

On the making of Waves, Iakopo says, “This album of work is particularly meaningful to me, because of the people I worked with. I worked and recorded with the same people for the entire project, which was dope in the sense that we were able to build a continuity and flow with all the  songs. Most of the songs were all created based on real life situations that I had personally gone through. During the recording process it was real and very organic. I wanted to give a certain vibe to the project that could connect the energy of ideas of reggae music, and where it comes from in a real sense, and connect that with the urban listeners in America.”

An accomplished songwriter, Iakopo has made Billboard-charting records with his Japanese singles “Break Free,” “Love Like This,” “When I See You Smile,” and “I Believe,” (the latter of which was a top downloaded song on Hawaiian iTunes).  He’s worked with superstar musician Shaggy on their charismatic and charming song “Touch Down.” And most of all, Iakopo’s newest material is truly combustible.  

You can listen to Iakopo’s new album Waves here, and watch his new music video “Never Letting Go” here!



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